Daniel Pink talks about the concept of non-sales selling in his excellent book, “To Sell is Human”.

This concept refers to the idea that you have a requirement to see a given outcome from a situation, but without necessarily having a product or service to sell, as such. This therefore requires the art or science of persuasion, doing whatever it takes to convince someone to oblige and realise a desired outcome.

Examples provided include the parent who wishes their child to go to bed, the lawyer who wishes to convince a verdict to a jury, and teacher who would like their pupils to see the benefits of being quiet! In other words, they are selling an outcome, and engaging in a skillset of behaviours to achieve it, just like a professional engaged in sales or selling.

These actions can be refined, honed, sharpened over time, just like in the case of the sales professional, but typically, we would not refer to the activity of that particular individual, as ‘selling’, nor describe the person doing that persuasive behaviour, as a sales person.

More here : https://www.danpink.com/books/to-sell-is-human/