April 2020

Carl J Ashley


Spring has sprung and in all the chaos caused by the media-driven panic over the Corvid-19 flu virus, the business community has gone into meltdown, with many small Irish businesses closing down for the foreseeable.

So what does this mean?

It is difficult to know the full impact of the virus lockdown.

One thing is for sure – network cables, electricians and construction workers carry on with infrastructure works, key essential services and nurses remain at work, and while the vast majority of people observe and respect the government guidelines for social-distancing, remote working, and self-isolation, we are indeed experiencing strange times.

Other factors are at play, including the world economy, the potential collapse of the oil markets, the role of Trump, Putin, and China, efforts to finally remove a corrupt fiscal, banking and monetary system which has been at odds with humanity for the last couple of centuries, and some very disturbing news around Bill Gates and his connection to the deep state and this virus pandemic.

Feel free to research this stuff for yourself, folks.

In the meantime, we experience and recommend a return to local values, community values, and the ethos of small businesses in Ireland, which is surely preferred to the forces of globalisation.

And so there is the awareness that things will not, because they cannot, return back to the way things were before the virus lockdown.

Regardless of your theories, beliefs and opinions, one thing is for sure – in times of crisis, in times of difficulty, there emerge opportunities.

One man’s meat, is another man’s poison. Or as one door closes, so another opens.

With this in mind, whilst I am working remotely, self-isolating, and social distancing, we have downloaded zoom, anchor and other technology solutions, to offer services to business owners, as well as those in the larger community, who like me, share the concerns of wellbeing for all those in our midst who are struggling right now, to come to terms with what is happening.

For tips on how to thrive as well as survive, see my recent GoodLife wellness blog here : https://goodlifewellnessevents.com/surviving-and-thriving-self-care-during-virus-lockdown/

In the meantime, if you are a small business owner who sees this time as an opportunity to put into place some essential sales and marketing plans for when the storm has blown over, or you would just like to discuss :

  • Telemarketing
  • CRM
  • Web content creation
  • Scripts for sales calls and promotional videos,

Or, if we haven’t spoken for a while, and you simply want to get in touch for an old fashioned natter, feel free to call me on 00353 (0)87 1717238

Opportunity knocks, for those who are able to see it.

Stay safe and well

Carl J Ashley

April 2020

Ashley Business Consultancy